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We have been enamored with the Caribbean since our first trip together in 2007. If you asked us to tell you the one thing we love most, we wouldn't be able to give you an honest answer. That's because it's not one thing - it's EVERYTHING. It's the sum total of the hospitable people, the rich history, the savory foods, the soul-stirring music, the diverse activities, the shopping and the beaches - glorious beaches where you can spend the day doing everything or nothing at all.

We are often asked what draws us back to the Caribbean time after time. People who have never visited assume that all islands are pretty much the same. But the only thing we find similar about the islands is an alluring quality that beckons us to discover what makes each island unique. And so we embark on a quest to visit as many islands as possible in order to discover the soul of each one. Along the way we will photograph and video each distinctive site, breathtaking beach and glorious sunset. We will bravely try out new water and land experiences. We will sample international cuisines and tropical drinks. We will seek out locals and visitors for their top recommendations on must-see attractions and activities. And we will blog about each of our treks to provide you, our readers, with personal accounts of all that the islands have to offer. We hope our information will inspire your dreams and aid you in designing trips that best suit your personal tastes and incorporate soulful twists.




Updated: Feb 08, 2013 12:55pm PST